Countdown bis zum Marathon

Official rules

1. The official rules are part of the contract between organiser and participant. In case one registers for somebody else or an additional person, the registrating person is obliged to inform the race participants about the official rules.


2. The event is executed according to the Swiss Athletics Federation (Swiss Athletics) and to the categories listed in the announcement. Participants for the Marathon (42.195 km) must be 18 years of age or older on Race Day, 16 years of age for the Halfmarathon and for the 5 Mile Run the participants must be 14 years old or older on Race Day. Closing time is 12.15pm for Halfmarathon and 3.00 pm for Marathon and 5 Mile Run. Runners who do not cross the finish line within the time limit will not be classified. Marathon runners who pass the turning point after 12.00 am have to end the race. The end of the official competition is determined by the broom wagon which is on the move in such a way that he arrives the finish line with the set time limit. Runners who are overtaken by the broom wagon, have to hand over the timing chip to the correspondent staff and are no longer part of the official competition.

3. The course is measured according to the regulations of the AIMS/IAAF.

4. Chips are used for time measurement. All runners of the SwissCityMarathon will receive a coded chip along with their race number by way of lending which has to be returned after completing the race. It is prohibited to use own chips. The race number must be visibly worn and unfolded on the front. The participant will be charged a CHF 50.00 fine if the chip is not returned.

5. Instructions given by the race course personnel must be followed. Private escort of participants by all type of vehicles, especially by bicycles or inline skates, is not allowed. To carry a dog, a pram etc. with one is not permitted. A general ban on driving applies to the whole race course. Any short cut from the race path and other illicit aids are forbidden. Participation in a wheelchair is not possible because of security reasons. The technical directors of the organising committee will make the final decisions for disqualifications.


6. The registration may be made by Internet or by post payment with the official form. Foreign registrations are possible with a special form. Registrations by telephone or E-mail are not being accepted. Registrations without payment within 10 days are not accepted.

7. The organiser has the right to disqualify participants at any time and without refund of the entry fee if the participant has made false declaration on the entry form regarding his person or if the participant is under suspicion of using illegal substances.

8. The organiser may fix a participant limit. If this number is reached before the communicated deadline, registrations made after may not be taken into consideration. Registrations are treated upon entry.

9. If a runner does not participate in the race because of illness with or without a medical certificate, the entry fee will not be refunded. If cancellation is made prior to communicated deadline, one will receive a free start for the following year. This free start is personal and not transferable. In case of double payment, the fee will not be refunded, but entitles to a free start for the following year. For a charge of CHF 20.00 it is possible to transfer ones race number to another person but only for the same running distance. Mutations will only be made on Friday and Saturday at the trouble desk of the SwissCityMarathons race number pick up only upon presentation of the original registration confirmation or a confirmation of payment. Transfers will not be made on Sunday (race day)!

10. If the race cannot be carried out or only partially following a case of force majeure, extraordinary risks or public order, there is no right of compensation of the start sum.


11. Severel exercises during or soon after any kind of fever is extremely dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation you must withdraw. Make sure to dring enough liquid before during and after the race. In case of not feeling well during the race (shortness of breath, dizziness, exhaustion, great pain etc) you should stop running. You can be disqualified from the race by medical orderlies or doctors in the event you are having physical problems. People over 35, as well as participants with a medical history of heart- lung- or circulation problems or other groups of risks are advised to have regular medical checks.


12. The organiser and partners reject liability of any risks of the participant, especially regarding personal health. The participant declares to be in a fit state of health and trained to a sufficient standard. All participants have to have personal insurance.

13. The organiser declines liability towards spectators and third parties.

14. The organiser rejects liability of personal belongings kept attended free of charge.


15. The competition is under the regulation of the actual doping statute of Swiss Olympic. There may be doping controls. Participants accept the Anti Doping rules of Swiss Olympic and the exclusive competence of the disciplinary commission for doping cases of Swiss Olympic as well as the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne under exclusion of the state courts.

Data protection declaration

The following provisions apply to the recording and use of your personal data for the purpose of staging our running event.

What data do we process?

16. For the correct registration and staging of our running event, it is essential that you complete the fields marked with an * on the registration form. You have the option to register additional persons. In this case, we are entitled to assume that you are authorised to provide us with this person's data. Provision of your mobile phone number or e-mail address in order to receive information connected with the event is voluntary. If you register on-line, however, you are required to give your e-mail address because we will need it to send confirmation and any queries that may arise.

Management of your personal data

17. In order to stage the running event as well as for the electronic storage and management of your data, we are working in conjunction with external companies. These companies process your personal data on our behalf. If you register online, you have the option to edit your personal data at any time via a personal electronic user account at

Personal data processing consent

18. By registering, you give your consent to publication of your name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, start number, competition time and position in the event start and ranking lists. This consent applies not only to publication on the Internet, print media, TV and Teletext but also for notice-board lists and PA announcements. The photographs and film sequences made in connection with our running event may be utilised on television, on the Internet, in our own advertising, magazines and books without right to remuneration.

19. Unless we receive written notification from you at the e-mail or postal address below no later than one week before the event, we are entitled to pass on your name, postal and e-mail address to partners (such as photo and video services) for services or advertising purposes as well as at the request of sponsors for specific addresses in connection with the running event. We are also entitled to pass on the aforementioned details to the other event organisers in the association for the purpose of sending information on other running events.

Further information and contact

20. For further information on the subject of data protection, we refer you to our comprehensive "Data protection provisions" on our website If you have any questions, please contact us.


21. The SwissCity Marathon is organised by the Lucerne Marathon Association.

23. Court of law is Lucerne.

23. Marathon Officials reserve the right to modify the Official Rules.