Countdown bis zum Marathon

starting times

Please choose the starting block with your expected running time and position yourself in the indicated block at race day deliberately.

block nr. time excepted running time marathon excepted running time half marathon
1 09:00h <03:00h <01:30h
2 09:02h <03:15h <01:35h
3 09:06h <03:40h <01:40h
4 09:10h <03:50h <01:50h
5 09:14h <04:00h <01:55h
6 09:18h <04:15h <02:00h
7 09:22h <04:30h <02:00h
8 09:26h <05:00h <02:10h
9 09:30h >05:00h >02:10h

starting times 10k

block nr. time expected running time
10 13:10h <00:50h
11 13:15h >00:50h