Countdown bis zum Marathon

General information

Several dozens of runners are in a state of exhaustion after the marathon or half marathon and need to be treated at the medical rescue station. Dr. med. K. Birrer names three reasons causing a severe state of exhaustion:

  • too warm clothing
  • bad pace timing
  • inadequate nutrition during race

He advises even with temperatures under 10° Celsius to run with only one layer of a functional runner shirt. There's no need of a jacket, a second layer or long pants. It is even an advantage to start the race feeling a bit cool, as it improves the running performance. In addition to that, the running pace should be kept low for the first 20-30 minutes. The first few kilometers could be used as a warm up. A too fast pace at start may be a problem later in the race. It is recommended to drink isotonic beverages regularly up to 1 liter per hour, although these recommendations have to be adjusted depending on temperatures and personal disposition of sweating. Dr. med. M. Strupler and his team of doctors and samaritans are pleased if runners are paying attention to these guidelines, so less runners are in need of medical help.