Countdown bis zum Marathon

Sunday, 10. March 2019

Three more reasons to run a marathon

1. To show a marathon run makes a good impression!

Not everyone runs a marathon! If you can tell your family and friends that you're training for a marathon, then you're sure to have a lot to talk about. And for positive ones, because everyone takes their hat off to a marathon runner.

2. You get fitter than ever before

With the goal of running a marathon, you keep fit all year round. Because you have set yourself a long-term goal and start training today.

3. Your age doesn't matter

You don't necessarily run a marathon at the age of 16, but there are no upper limits. "At my age I can't do it anymore". That's often just an excuse to take on a new challenge. The oldest person who completed a marathon was 100 years old, the oldest woman 93. And if you read this, you are almost certainly not that old, so go ahead, set yourself a goal now and start training.

Some training tips on how to get ready for the marathon can be found here: