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Lucerne offers an abundance of city experiences. Centuries-old sights such as the Chapel Bridge or the historic Old Town form an exciting contrast to contemporary Lucerne: the avant-garde KKL Lucerne, the variety of restaurants and an attractive shopping offer. Lucerne's Festival City will delight you with its blues, jazz, the Lucerne Festival's top-class classical music programme and the colourful carnival. Just as fascinating as the city of Lucerne is the Lucerne-Vierwaldstättersee region with its unique mountain and lake landscape. Nowhere else can you find so much Switzerland in such a small area and such a wide range of year-round experiences: Europe's largest fleet of inland steam ships, the world's steepest rack railway on the Pilatus or the first rotating cable car on the Titlis.

And the best thing about it is that you can see many of the sights and highlights of the city directly from the running track!

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Chapel Bridge

Constructed in first half of the 14th century as a part of the city's fortifications and named after St. Peter's Chapel, which is located nearby. The paintings that were added in the 17th century illustrate scenes of Swiss and local history, including the biographies of the city's patron saints, St. Leodegar and St. Maurice.

Water Tower

This octagonal tower - over 34 meters high (111.5 ft.) - was built around 1300 as part of the city wall and used as an archive, treasury, prison and torture chamber. It is Lucerne's landmark and the most frequently photographed monument in Switzerland.

SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne KKL Luzern

KKL Luzern

The KKL Luzern (Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne) at Europaplatz is the work of the Parisian architect Jean Nouvel. The concert hall (1800 seats) is one of the finest concert halls in the world. The Lucerne Hall, the Convention Centre with the auditorium, and the Museum of Art - the fourth largest in Switzerland - are also part of this sensational construction.

SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne Hofkirche

Hof Church

Main cathedral for the city, as well as the St. Leodegar and St. Maurice religious center. A Benedictine monastery was founded here in the 8th century. In 1633, a fire destroyed the church; it was rebuilt in 1645. It is the most important Renaissance church in Switzerland. Especially noteworthy are the façade, Mary's alter (with a relief panel dating from 1500), and the souls' altar.

SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne Musegg-Mauer

Musegg Wall

A part of the rampart walls built in 1386; the wall is still almost entirely intact. Three towers are open to the public: Schirmer, Zyt and Männli. A part of the rampart walls built in 1386; the wall is still almost entirely intact. Three towers are open to the public: Schirmer, Zyt and Männli. The oldest city clock, built by Hans Luter in 1535, is in the Zyt tower. This clock is allowed to chime every hour one minute before all the other city clocks.

SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne Swissporarena in der Allmend

Swissporarena Luzern

The Swissporarena is a football stadium in Lucerne. It is located on the site of the former Allmend stadium. The football arena is home to the FC Lucerne football club and has a capacity of around 16,500 seats. It opened in 2011 and cost a total of around 79.6 million Swiss francs. The course of the SwissCityMarathon has been running through the middle of the stadium since 2016, and the arena is open to spectators free of charge on this day.


SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne Verkehrshaus

Swiss Museum of Transport

There is certainly no time to get bored! The Swiss Museum of Transport is the most diverse museum for transportation and communication in Europe. More than 3,000 items are exhibited in a space as large as 40,000 square meters. The planetarium, which is based on digital technology, takes visitors on a trip through the vastness of the universe. In the "Gotthard Tunnel", you can travel into the mountain and experience the building of the tunnel during 1875.
The Verkehrshaus Filmtheatre guarantees to bring about strong emotions and offer an incomparable film experience. It is the only one of its kind in Switzerland.
With almost 200 square meters, the "Swissarena" displays the largest orthophotograph of Switzerland from the air.

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Top Events Lucerne

The SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne is one of the top events in Lucerne.

The top events combine events with international appeal such as the SwissCityMarathon, the Lucerne Regatta or, for music lovers, the Lucerne Festival, the Lucerne Blues Festival and the Blue Balls Festival.

Top events Lucerne

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