Preparation runs for the SwissCityMarathon

Under the name "Lozärner Läufer" five Lucerne running events of the Luzerner Stadtlauf, Go-in 6 Weeks, Sempacherseelauf, Ämmelauf Littau and the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne have come together.

The aim of the "Lozärner Läufer" is to support each other and to offer runners attractive running events throughout the year. Within the framework of the Lucerne running year, various running events are held at various distances:

Event Date Distances
Go-in 6 Weeks  Autumn series planned
Dates still to be defined*
1.5 – 10 KM
Sempacherseelauf  canceled 2020 5 – 21 KM
Zugerberg Classic postponed to
Wednesday, 23.9.2020*
6.5 KM
Swiss Trailrun Pilatus postponed to
Saturday, 22.8.2020*
5.1 – 8.5 KM
Ämmelauf Littau  canceled 2020
next edition Saturday, 21.09.2021
1.1 – 10 KM
SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne  canceled 2020
next edition: Sunday, 31.10.2021 
10 – 42 KM
Lozärner Cross  Saturday, 20.2.2021 1 – 7 KM
Luzerner Stadtlauf  Saturday, 24.4.2021 1.5 – 7 KM

*subject to modifications

The events of the Lucerne running year offer great competition opportunities to prepare for the big highlight in October.

Séries préparatoires

Lozärner Laufjohr

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