RUN365 is a permanent running course with installed timekeeping. You can therefore complete your running training around the clock and compete with others!

RUN365 offers you beautiful running routes with timekeeping, which you can run in preparation for a running event or as a personal challenge. This gives your training a competitive feel. 
Unlike virtual races, RUN365 participants run the same official course. The running times are therefore comparable. And the best thing is: with the timing chip, you can complete the course as often as you like. The running times of all participants are published in the ranking list.

Participation is possible via smartphone or with a timing chip.

Benefit from the advantages of the RunLucerne Club

Participants who use RUN365 with a timing chip automatically benefit from the advantages of the RunLucerne Club. Club members are not only part of our community, but also benefit from various advantages. In addition to the personal timing chip for the RUN365 courses, club members receive access to special offers from our partners and enjoy various other benefits relating to RunLucerne events. More about the RunLucerne Club.



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Taking part is very easy

  • With the Smartphone
    1. Scan the QR code at the measuring point with your smartphone and start running.
    2. As soon as you have completed the entire route, scan the QR code again. 
    3. Complete your registration online on your smartphone.
  • With the timing chip
    1. Register here.
    2. We will immediately send you the timing chip by post.
    3. Wear the timing chip on your running shoe, start at the measuring point and start running.
    4. As soon as you arrive back at the measuring point where you started, you will automatically appear in the ranking list. If you finish your run before the measuring point where you started, your time will not be recorded.

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RUN 365

RUN365 Rotsee Luzern

A permanent running track with timekeeping is installed at Rotsee in Lucerne. Complete your running training at any time with RUN365 and compete with others!

RUN365 Rotsee Luzern