all regulations

Last update: February 1, 2023

  1. The event will be held in accordance with the regulations of the Swiss Athletics Federation Swiss Athletics and in accordance with the categories and distances listed in the competition announcement. The SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne routes (marathon, half marathon and 10KM) are measured according to the regulations of AIMS/IAAF.
  2. Eligible to start is any person who has reached the age specified in the competition announcement.
  3. The organizer can specify a finish time for each distance in the competition announcement. Runners who reach the finish after this time will not be classified. The end of the official competition at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne is determined by the "broom wagon," which is on the way so that it arrives at the finish line for the finish. Runners who are overtaken by the "broom wagon" must give up their starting number and are no longer part of the official competition. Behind the "broom wagon" there are no more refreshment and other services available.

    4. The timing is done using a chip integrated into the race number.

    5. The race number must always be fully visible and worn on the front of the body on the outermost piece of clothing. To ensure accurate timing, the race number must not be folded or crumpled. It must also not be covered by a jacket, running belt, water bottle or other object. Without a correctly worn race number, it is possible that the final time and intermediate times will not be recorded and that no valid classification will occur. Loss of the race number should be reported as soon as possible to the event staff.

    6. The race number is assigned by the organizer to each participant and must not be transferred, reproduced, replicated or altered in any way. The race number may not be given to or bought from another person. Participation with an unofficial or without race number is not allowed.

    7. The classification in the age groups within a competition is based on net times (actual time run from start to finish line). In the overall or performance rankings, the first ten runners will be classified in the order of their finish. After the start process, no net times will be recorded, the running times will be calculated from the moment of the starting shot. At the Lucerne Cross, the timing and classification will be based on gross times (measured from the starting shot).


    8. It is the responsibility of the participants to arrive at the start at the times assigned to them. Only valid at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne: runners can go back to later start times, but may not move up to earlier start slots. Any participant who climbs over a barrier or gains entry in any other illegal way may be disqualified. The organizer reserves the right not to allow certain individuals to start late for safety reasons.

    9. The start will take place with an acoustic signal. All participants must be behind the start line at the start.


    10. Participants must strictly follow the instructions of the course service. Private accompaniment of runners, especially with vehicles of any kind, including bicycles and inline skates, is not allowed. A general driving ban applies to the entire race course. Carrying dogs, strollers, etc. is not allowed! Shortcuts and unauthorized aids are prohibited. Participation with a wheelchair is not possible for safety reasons. Exception: At the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, participation is only possible in the "Roll & Run-Duo" by Plusport.

    11. Participants must stay within the boundaries of the race course at all times. The race course is typically marked by barriers, pylons, boundaries, and/or other markings.

    12. Runners who do not complete the entire race course will be disqualified. Participants with missing or irregular individual times at the official time control points will be checked and, if necessary, disqualified.

    13. Violations of these regulations may be punished with disqualification and suspension for further events of the SwissCityMarathon. The organizer reserves the right to record all facts and circumstances, including repeated violations, and to impose penalties that it deems appropriate. The decision of the organizer is final.