Environmental francs for a sustainable event

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With your contribution, the so-called CO2 franc, you support the Central Switzerland project of the Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz for the forest management.

The SwissCityMarathon is committed to an event that is as environmentally friendly as possible. When registering for the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, participants also have the opportunity to take part in this commitment and voluntarily donate an environmental franc.

100% of the donated amount will be passed on to the Central Switzerland project of the Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz for their forest management they do.

You decide yourself how much you want to contribute. Runners who support the sustainability efforts of the SwissCityMarathon in this way, and thus contribute to CO2 compensation, show this commitment with an appropriate logo on their race number.

Through this action of the CO2-Franken the following amounts were collected at the SwissCityMarathon:

Year Amount CO2 compentsation
2019 CHF 3655.– 95 Tons
2021 CHF 5461.– 142 Tons
2022 CHF 5585.– 145 Tons
2023 CHF 5700.– 151 Tons

More about the supported project can be found online at

Sustainable and comfortable travel to Lucerne
75% of the CO2 emissions caused by the SwissCityMarathon come from the travel of the participants. Thanks to the SwissRunners ticket, travel from all over Switzerland is free of charge for participants. The SwissRunners ticket is making an impact: since its introduction, the use of public transport for travel has been constantly increasing and currently stands at over 70%. The environmentally friendly offer of the SwissRunners Ticket will also be included in the entry fee for the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne included - for the next few years. You too can help reduce CO2 emissions and travel by public transport in the future. Thank you!

Impressions from the forest of the "Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz": © Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz