The medal 2023

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This year, the Culture & Convention Center Lucerne (KKL) adorns our medal. Since we held the event in 2012, the run through the KKL Luzern has been an integral part of the course.

Fittingly for the 25th anniversary of the Culture & Convention Center Lucerne, the venerable building on Lake Lucerne also adorns the medal of the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne.

In 2012 (also known as the "Lucerne Snow Marathon"), our runners passed through the KKL for the first time. Since then, this passage has been a permanent feature of our course. Countless spectators, music groups and our partners create a unique atmosphere in the KKL.

The medal is included in the entry fee for marathon runners. Half marathon, CityRun and CharityRun runners can purchase the medal for CHF 5.00 at registration.


For the 1'500 marathon runners the medal is included in the entry fee. For the 9,500 half marathon, CityRun and CharityRun 10k runners, the medal is not included in the entry fee and can be ordered for CHF 5. But why?
We want to prevent that unnecessary resources are used for the production of medals, which end up directly in the waste again. By actively ordering in the registration process, only the people who really want the medal choose it. Through this measure, we save half a ton of scrap metal every year!