Double commitment as Organisation member and runner

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Markus Huber organizes the musical entertainment on the running track. Thanks to good preparation, the OC member also hears what "his" formations offer as a runner.

One of the greatest strengths of the SwissCityMarathon is the atmosphere along the course. Thanks to more than 30 music formations, the runners are loudly supported. The music marathon at the SwissCityMarathon is organised by Organisation comitee member Markus Huber. This work keeps him busy all year round, just like running.

Good atmosphere at Emmi
Markus Huber receives feedback from the previous formations and asks them whether a change of location is an option. At the same time, he looks for new formations and clarifies whether there are any new performance opportunities if the route changes. "That was the case this year," explains Markus Huber. "The route now passes the headquarters of our partner Emmi on Landenbergstrasse. Here, the beach band will create the atmosphere. Markus Huber keeps track of all feedback, changes and requests in his tracking file. "Otherwise I won't be able to remember what has been agreed with whom." The final classification of the formations takes place at the end of each summer. Until everything is clarified, some mails are necessary.

Double role on the race day 
The closer the race day approaches, the quieter it will be for Markus Huber at the music marathon front. "In the week before the race I have only one question to answer." So he can fully prepare himself for his run as a runner. "That means: Raising your legs and preparing tapering and running clothes the evening before," says Huber, who has a double role on the day of the race: Responsible music marathon and half marathon runner. At the event itself he has about the same programme as all the other participants in the half marathon until noon.

Cancellations because musicians want to run
As the person in charge of the music marathon, Markus Huber experiences very special stories again and again. "Cancellations of formations are a nice problem, because some musicians would like to join the marathon themselves or are already engaged in another helper club. He prefers to receive requests from new formations to see if there is still room for further formations. His answer: "I have 21 kilometres of space to place formations along the track." Markus Huber is repeatedly asked whether he is organising the Discobalkon in Kastanienbaum. The short answer is no. The longer answer from Markus Huber: "There are some local residents who are getting something going on their own initiative. As a runner I like such actions. But there are also limits, because the SwissCityMarathon relies on music formations without electronic amplification. Exceptions are, of course, e-pianos and special locations such as the Swissporarena.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous music formations that are present at the edge of the track and ensure a good atmosphere! THANK YOU!