The DuoMarathon in Lucerne – your goal 2020!

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Do you also have this one colleague who always talks about running a half marathon once? Don't wait any longer! Register now for the DuoMarathon and start your training together.

The DuoMarathon is nothing else than the division of the marathon course by two. Two running colleagues, boyfriend and girlfriend or two work colleagues run a half marathon each in the form of a relay. No matter if it is for fun or ambitious, it is easier in a team.

The best about it? You will run together the very last kilometre before the finish in the Swiss Museum of Transport and thus celebrate your achievement together! A unique experience that will bond you for the rest of your life!

And by the way, here are three more good reasons why to join the DuoMarathon in Lucerne in 2020!

1. Preparing together
Going running and training alone is only half the fun. Because you always find an excuse why today is not a good day. But if you can prepare for the run with a colleague, you can motivate each other. This makes your training much easier, it's more fun and you are more determined.

2. Don'do things by halves
The complete marathon distance of 42,195km is the common goal. By completing two half marathons in relay form you will conquer the marathon in Lucerne. This is possible thanks to your team performance and you will be proud of it! As DuoMarathon-Team you will of course benefit from all services and goodies like all other marathon and halfmarathon participants. As a DuoMarathon participant you also have the exclusive opportunity to stay in the warmth when waiting of your partner's run. The waiting area is located directly at the course.

3. Shared emotions are double emotions
Experience indescribable emotions in a double pack! A successful team performance is only possible if both pull together. You will be able to experience this impressively already during the preparation and of course on the running day itself. While one person is running, the second person is feverishly supporting the running partner at the edge of the track. Because of this and because of thousands of other participants in the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne, you will never be running alone. The special thing about the DuoMarathon, however, is the common finish and thus the successful completion of your team challenge.

Train together, experience together and celebrate together. This is the DuoMarathon in Lucerne!

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