The marathon – the distance of your dreams

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The marathon category, with its 42,195 kilometres, is the longest distance at the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne. Why should you set yourself this goal and start planning and training right now?

We have put together three reasons why the marathon belongs on your to-do list 2020.

1. Running a marathon keeps you fit all year round!
You don't run a marathon overnight. A few training units are necessary. In order to run a marathon successfully, you need to plan your training and run regularly. Training doesn't start a few weeks before the marathon, but as early as possible. In this way you will steadily increase your fitness and endurance up to your goal «being a marathon finisher» in autumn. You will see that you are more efficient and satisfied in everyday life as well.

2. Running a marathon is impressive!
Show what you can achieve. Not only you will be proud of your performance, but also your family, friends and colleagues will be. Running a marathon shows your will and ambition. Because it is an outstanding achievement to run 42,195 km and will be a story to talk about.

3. Your age doesn't matter – you can prove to yourself that you can do it!
Don't set yourself limits due to age, but set yourself goals! No matter if you are 25, 48 or 63 years old – the marathon is not bound to an age limit. With good preparation and training, nothing will stop you from your goal of crossing the finish line with incredible feelings of happiness and pride.

We are convinced that you too can make it and master the long distance along Lake Lucerne on 25 October. Set yourself a goal for 2020 now.

All about the marathon distance at the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne you can find here: Marathon