With Vivi Kola on the last kilometers!

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At kilometre 36, the marathon participants can expect a refreshment stand with Vivi Kola. The Swiss Kola manufacturer "Vivi Kola" will send the Marathon runners to the last kilometres with an energy kick.

The feedback of the last years showed that many participants of the marathon category would like to have a refreshment post with a Kola for the last kilometres in order to get another boost of energy. The organizers will install a refreshment post at kilometre 36 (Allmend) on the second round, where Kola will be served as well as water. 

"Vivi Kola" is the first Swiss Kola. It was launched on the market in 1938 by Mineralquelle Eglisau AG in Eglisau and achieved a high degree of recognition in Switzerland.

CLIF SHOT Engergie-GEL as another energy supplier for marathon participants. 
The energy gel provides fast energy during training and competition.
All participants of the marathon category can pick up a free energy gel at the Expo in the Hotel Schweizerhof (Friday/Saturday) or before the start (Sunday) at the PEAK PUNK tent. No gels will be distributed on the course. A gel is only available on presentation of the voucher at the start number. Flavours: Citrus (with caffeine), mocha (with caffeine) and raspberry (without caffeine).

You can find more information about the nutrition here.