Facts and figures SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne

The SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne is the city marathon in Switzerland and always takes place on the last Sunday in October. The course is a circuit the length of a half marathon with start and finish at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

In the last three years, the half marathon within the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne, with 7'000 participants, was the largest half marathon in Switzerland.

In the following we have compiled some exciting facts about the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne. More figures we will add this year on an ongoing basis.


The course record for marathon men dates back to 2022 and is 2:24:24 hours (Andrea Salvisberg). The track record for the women's marathon was set by Martina Strähl in 2013 and is 2:39.15 hours.

In the men's half marathon the course record is 1:01:29 (Mohamed Reda El Aaraby, 2023) and in the women's half marathon the record is 1:07:59 (Violah Jepchumba Kilonzo, 2023).

What makes the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne so special, however, is not the winning times, but the fact that everyone is a winner! No matter if you run 10K, half marathon or marathon, we welcome you personally by handshake at the finish line.

Over 90 nations at the start

The world meets to run in Lucerne.
At the last event, runners from over 90 nations were at the starting line! The SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne offers the opportunity to meet athletes from all over the world. Apart from Swiss athletes, the SwissCityMarathon also features runners from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the USA and France.

37% Women participating over all

Over all distances, women account for around 37% of the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne.
In the CityRun 10KM race, the proportion of women is highest at just over 50%.

A distance for everyone

In addition to the kings discipline, the «Marathon», it is also possible to complete the half marathon or the 10KM in Lucerne. For children aged 4 – 6 there is also the Maratholino, the last 195m of the marathon course.

First event in 2007 

The first SwissCityMarathon in Lucerne was held for the very first time in 2007. At that time it was still called the "Lucerne Marathon". At the first event, the organisers welcomed over 6,000 runners to Lucerne.