FAQ - Swiss Runners Ticket

All participants benefit from free public transport (2nd class) from their place of residence within switzerland, the airport or the swiss border to the venue and back via the GA area routes. Travel relaxed, comfortable and environmentally friendly to the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne.

Free transport

Swiss Runners Ticket

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How do I buy the Swiss Runners Ticket?

  • Where can the Promocodes be redeemed?

    The Promocode can only be redeemed online: www.sbb.ch/swissrunners. Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem the promocode at the railway counter, the ticket machine or via the SBB App.

  • Can't the promotion codes be redeemed via the SBB Mobile app?

    No, unfortunately it is NOT possible to redeem the Promocode at the railway counter, the ticket machine or via the SBB-App. However, it is possible to display the ticket on the app after buying it online. 

  • Are the promocodes personal?

    Yes, every runner receives two separate codes, one for the arriving and one for the return trip. These can only be redeemed once.

  • Why are there two codes per runner?

    Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to have a return trip with the same code. Therefore, there is a code for the arriving trip and one code for the return trip for each runner.

  • Can a Swiss Runners Ticket be used on several days or as a stopover?

    No, the ticket is only valid on the printed calendar day. Each runner benefits from a return trip. The desired day of arrival and departure can be selected in the calendar during the purchase process.

    If a runner does not want to travel on the same day, he can use the code for the first part or the second part of the journey. A normal public transport ticket must be purchased for the other part.

  • What if I don't have a printer ?

    The ticket can also be displayed on the app after the online purchase or it can be delivered by mail for display on the smartphone.

  • What do I need to show when a ticket controll is carried out ?

    On the arriving journey you can show the Swiss Runners Ticket printed or on your smartphone. On the return trip you need to show your Swiss Runners Ticket and your race number. Like all types of online tickets, you must be able to identify yourself with an official ID card or passport at any time.

Tutorial to the Swiss Runners Ticket


  • Please complete the purchase process the first time you enter the code. The codes will not work a second time.
  • Please note that your codes can only be redeemed online at sbb. ch/ticketshop. The code cannot be redeemed in the SBB Mobile App or at the SBB counter.
  • With an SBB login, you only need to enter your contact details once.