Changing rooms / Valuables custody service / lost and found

In the start and finish area of the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, runners will find changing rooms, toilets, valuables depots and a lost and found office.

Changing rooms and Showers

The infrastructure is near to the start and finish area. The changing rooms and showers are located in the Sportcenter Würzenbach for women. For men it is located at the parking lot brüelmoos.
10k participants can change at the changing rooms in the "Horwerhalle" in Horw. One piece of luggage per participant can be transported to the changing rooms at the finish with the bag transport (see below).


After your run, the Dickerhof AG Team offers a massage service. A team of professional masseurs from Dickerhof AG offers their services for both the men's and women's changing rooms near the finish area. The locations are signaled.

Bag drop and bag transport for 10k runners

One bag per 10k participant can be dropped at a special desk next to the changing rooms in the gym "Horwerhalle" at Horw from 11.15am to 13.00pm. Please use the voucher attached to your start number to mark your bag independantly. The bags will be transported to the changing rooms near the finish area in Lucerne. To get back your bag you have to show your start number.

Valuables custody service

At the male and female changing rooms, there are guarded custody services for valuables such as wallet, smartphone, etc. Bags or clothes will not be accepted.


On the race day, lockers are available in front of the Swiss Museum of Transport (on Lidostrasse). The lockers can be used at your own risk against deposit.

Clothes and bags

Clothes, who are left behind deliberately at the start, will be collected and handed over to a cloth collection for charity donation. Bags can be left at the changing rooms. The chaning rooms are not guarded.
It is not allowed to leave bags at the Swiss Museum of Transport.


Toilets are located next to food and medical stations on course, at the start and finish area, in Horw, at the changing rooms and next to entertainment areas.

Lost & Found / Information Desks

During the event: Information desk at main railway station Lucerne; in Horw and in the finish area at the Swiss Museum of Transport.
After the event: Head office of the SwissCityMarathon; Würzenbachstrasse 13, CH - 6006 Lucerne