Digital goodiebag

Your access to the digital goodiebag provides you informations, exciting promotions and great contests in the form of so-called "coupons" (vouchers). It can be opened on the computer as well as on mobile devices and offers various advantages : You can use it from anywhere. You don't have to carry flyers with you anymore. The handling is simple and intuitive.

Each registered runner will receive an individual access link by email, which will be sent at the end of the respective registration month. With this access link you get your personal digital goodiebag. Save this link so that you always have access to your digital goodiebag. In case you loose your login link, no new access data will be generated.

The digital goodiebag is personal and cannot be transferred. Coupons with codes and contests can only be redeemed once. However, information can be retrieved at any time. The coupons will change during the year, new offers and information are published. So it's worth checking back regularly.

Dispatch of personal access data

The personal access data will be sent for the first time in mid-September. Newly registered participants will receive their personal access data at the end of each month and only once per participant.