Pacemakers have been at the side of runners in marathons and half marathons for years. Around 40 selected and experienced runners start at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne in various starting blocks and will guide the participants at a regular pace along the course.

Our Pacemaker Team - THANK YOU HERE FOR YOUR support

Our pacemakers are equipped with backpack flags and cannot be overseen.

In order to distinguish the pacemakers of the two distances, red flags are used for the marathon and blue flags for the half marathon.

The target times of our Pacemakers are the following

Startslot Starting time Categorie Pacemaker
A1 08:30 Performance 42KM* -
A1 08:30 Performance 21KM** -
B2 08:32 Marathon 03:15h + 03:30h
B3 08:34 Marathon 03:40h + 03:50h
B4 08:36 Marathon 04:00h + 04:15h
B5 08:38 Marathon 04:30h + 04:45h
B6 08:40 Marathon 05:00h
C10 10:00 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
D11 10:10 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
E12 10:20 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
C13 10:30 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
D14 10:40 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
E15 10:50 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
C16 11:00 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
D17 11:10 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
E18 11:20 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
C19 11:30 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
D20 11:40 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
E21 11:50 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
F31 13:15 Performance 10KM*** -
G32 13:17 CityRun 10KM -
H33 13:22 CityRun 10KM -
J34 13:27 CityRun 10KM -
K35 13:32 CityRun 10KM -
L36 13:37 CityRun 10KM -

*only with performance record: women <03:30h / men <03:00h
**only with performance record: women <01:40h / men <01:30h
***only with performance record: women <00:45h / men <00:40h