In the marathon and half marathon, a team of pacemakers is on the course to support the runners. Around 50 selected and experienced runners start in different starting slots at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne and guide the participants at a regular pace to their and our goal.

Running times of our pacemakers

If the start slot of your desired pacemaker is already fully booked, use our online form to change your start slot. Your request for a slot change will then be reviewed and implemented if possible.

Startslot Starting time Categorie Pacemaker (run time)
B 08:30 Performance 21KM* -
C 08:35 Performance 42KM** -
D 08:37 Marathon 03:00h + 03:15h + 03:30h
E 08:39 Marathon 03:40h + 03:50h
F 08:41 Marathon 04:00h + 04:15h
G 08:43 Marathon 04:30h + 04:45h
H 08:45 Marathon 05:00h
J 10:00 Half marathon 01:30h + 01:40h + 01:50h
K 10:10 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
L 10:20 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
M 10:30 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
N 10:40 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
O 10:50 Half marathon 01:40h + 01:50h
P 11:00 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
Q 11:10 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
R 11:20 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
S 11:30 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
T 11:40 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
U 11:50 Half marathon 01:50h + 02:00h
A 12:58 Performance 10KM*** -
B 13:00 CityRun 10KM -
C 13:10 CityRun 10KM -
D 13:20 CityRun 10KM -
E 13:30 CityRun 10KM -
F 13:37 CityRun 10KM -

*only with performance record: women <01:40h / men <01:30h
**only with performance record: women <03:30h / men <03:00h
***only with performance record: women <00:45h / men <00:40h

Visibility of our pacemakers
Our pacemakers are wearing yellow T-shirts this year and can't be missed thanks to backpack flags:

  • marathon: red flags
  • halfmarathon: blue flags

Interested in being a pacemaker?
Then send us an email to:

Our Pacemaker Team - THANK YOU HERE FOR YOUR support