Residents information and road closures

Road traffic in the city of Lucerne and in Horw will be severely impaired on the race day, 27 October 2019 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Various roads, including the Haldenstrasse-Seebrücke-Tribschenstrasse axis, are closed and public transport is running according to the special timetable.

Arrival by public transport is strongly recommended. The organiser does not offer parking spaces. Free shuttle SGV ships run between the KKL and the Swiss Museum of Transport. The Lucerne Public Transport Authority (vbl) and the SBB will bring runners and the public safely and comfortably to the start and finish areas and to the running track.

Various vbl courses will be adapted and will run again from 3.30pm according to the timetable.
There is a boat shuttle in place from the railway station to the Swiss Museum of Transport.

The overview of the adapted VBL courses can be found in the following overview or on the VBL website

Info vbl-courses