The current weather in Lucerne

SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne meteorologist with the Event forecast 2019

"The 13th SwissCityMarathon takes place in beautiful autumn weather!"

No rain, no snow, no sloppy weather: Chief meteorologist Joachim Schug of MeteoGroup Switzerland is optimistic:

Not much has been noticed of the "foehn storm" on Sunday in Lucerne, but on Monday the heavy rain on the south side of the Alps will reach Lucerne.
Afterwards, however, dry, calm high-pressure weather sets in. In the beginning still with sun and up to 17 degrees, then with fog and high fog and a bit cooler bise.
On the marathon weekend it gets calm and dry, good chances that the autumnal grey dissolves during the day and makes way for the sun. In addition there is perfect temperature for all runners from 10 to 15 degrees.

Meterologist Joachim Schug with the summer forecast 2019

How will the summer 2019 be? Again so hot and dry? The SwissCityMarathon meteorologist Joachim Schug provides information.

May 2019 was extremely cold and unfriendly in Central Switzerland: 2 to 3 degrees colder than normal and much too wet - such an unfriendly month of joy last came in 1991.

"What was particularly striking was that almost all days in May 2019 were too cold," explains Joachim Schug, chief meteorologist at MeteoGroup Switzerland and long-standing "weatherman" at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne.

"For some time now, the weather has been adhering very often to our arbitrary monthly schedule: with the change to June, summer has finally arrived," Schug continues.

And will the summer 2019 be again so hot and dry?
According to all available computer projections, the climatological summer of 2019 (i.e. the period 1.6. to 31.8.) will be too warm overall - of course this does not mean that all days will be too warm, June and July are probably much too warm, August rather average. Now the unusual amount of snow in the Alps is melting: 5 to 10 cm per day at 2000m altitude.

"New heat records are unlikely this summer," Joachim Schug continues. "The reason: The soils are now too damp after the wet May. Dried-out soils locally intensify heat waves, as in the heat summer of 2003."
A changeable summer with heat, but then sultry thunderstorms is more likely.

Until the 13th SwissCityMarathon on 27 October in Lucerne, there are still many good training weeks to go.