Where is what going on?

When more than 11,000 runners run in Lucerne and Horw on the last weekend in October, there will be a lot going on next to the course. Both in the city and in Horw there is a varied entertaining programme with numerous highlights.

Don't miss anything important, the following is an overview of the most important programme items.

Expo and race number distribution

On Friday and Saturday the Expo and race number distribution will take place at the Hotel Schweizerhof.

Friday, 25.10.2019: 16.00 - 20.00h
Saturday, 26.10.2019: 10.00 - 17.00h

You can find more about the Expo here.


Main festival places on Sunday

  • Haldenstrasse
    • 09:00 am Start Marathon, DuoMarathon and Half-Marathon
    • 10:10 am Turning Marathon / Handover DuoMarathon
  • Seebrücke/Schwanenplatz
    • 09:05 am Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon and Half Marathon
    • 10:12 am Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon (direction truningpoint / handover)
    • 12:12 pm Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon (2nd round)
    • 12:45 pm Start Maratholino Lucerne
  • Dorfplatz Horw
    • 09:30 am Start race number distribution 10KM and 10KM for UNICEF
    • 09:35 am Run Marathon, DuoMarathon and Half Marathon
    • 10:50 am Run Marathon, DuoMarathon (2nd round)
    • 12:00 pm Start Maratholino Horw
    • 13:05 pm Start 10KM Horw
    • 13:20 pm Start 10KM for UNICEF
  • Swissporarena Allmend
    • 09:45 am Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon and Half Marathon
    • 10:50 am Passing Marathon (2nd round)
    • 13:15 pm Passing 10K
  • KKL
    • 09:55 am Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon and Half Marathon
    • 11:05 am Passing Marathon, DuoMarathon (2nd round)
    • 13:20 pm Passing 10KM
  • Finish Area Swiss Museeum of Transport
    • 06:30 am Race number distribution for marathon, duo-marathon and half-marathon
    • 10:05 am Running-in Half Marathon
    • 11:15 am Marathon run-in
    • 11:00 am Award Ceremony Half Marathon
    • 12:30 pm Award ceremony Marathon
    • 13:15 pm Award ceremony DuoMarathon
    • 13:35 pm 10KM run-in
    • 14:14 pm Award ceremony 10KM
    • 15:00 pm Closing time Marathon/10KM

The overview of the program can also be found in the Datasport App!

Datasport App

Food and Beverage

We don't just feed the runners! Along the whole course there are restaurants and catering stands with a wide range of offers. As a spectator, you have numerous opportunities to feed yourself and thus with all of your energy cheering for your friends and all the runners.

Official festivities along the route

  • Locations at a glance
    • Bahnhofplatz - Luzern
    • Dorfplatz Horw
    • Haldenstrasse - Luzern
    • Lidostrasse (vor dem Verkehrshaus) Luzern
    • Schulhaus Würzenbach (bei den Garderoben) - Luzern
    • Schwanenplatz - Luzern
    • Schweizerhofquai - Luzern
    • Seestrasse Horw / Kastanienbaum
    • Swissporarena Allmend
    • Zielarena Verkehrshaus der Schweiz – Luzern

Partymile Horw

The festival mile in Horw on the occasion of the SwissCityMarathon is already legendary.
Besides the start of the 10K and the 10K for UNICEF, Horw offers much more. On the Marathon Sunday in Horw, a great family programme awaits all family members.
The highlight is definitely the popular Maratholino for the kids.

In addition, the following entertainment will await you

  • Musical entertainment
  • Animating Speakers
  • Start of the 10KM and 10KM for UNICEF
  • Maratholino, the run for our little ones
  • Race number distribution, wardrobe and information office for 10K, 10K for UNICEF and Maratholino Horw