Countdown bis zum Marathon


The 10k is the optimal distance at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne for ambitious runners, for companies and groups, for fun-runners and for beginners. Officially measured and equipped with numerous highlights, the 10k course offers an unforgettable experience!


The start of the 10k is in the centre of Horw on Ringstrasse. After a starting loop, the run leads through the middle of the festival and cheering zone from Horw towards Lucerne. On the way there, the route leads through the modern soccer stadium of FC Lucerne - a few metres from the players' benches. Who knows, maybe you will discover yourself live on the big screen in the stadium. The next highlight is already waiting: the Culture & Congress-Center Lucerne (KKL). Finally, the course leads through Lucerne's picturesque old town to the finish arena in the Swiss Museum of Transport.

New:10KM run for UNICEF - own starting block!

Runners can register in a separate starting block - the "10KM for UNICEF". There is no ranking in this block, the times are listed alphabetically. The entry fee is CHF 65.00 for registrations until 27 September 2019 and CHF 75.00 for registrations until 23 October 2019. Of this amount, CHF 30 will go directly to UNICEF Switzerland.
The registration for the 10KM run for UNICEF is already running.


age years categories women categories men
14 years and older 2005 and older 92: women 91: men

Registration fee

until 27.09.2019* until 23.10.2019
10k CHF 45 CHF 55
10KM for UNICEF CHF 65 CHF 75

The surcharge for payments at the post office is CHF 2.00 per registration.
Option for the medal in half marathon and 10k: CHF 5.-
*From 28.09.2019, registrations will only be possible online and at the latest by 23.10.2019.

How to get to Horw

The easiest way is to catch the train "S4" or "S5" from "Lucerne" to the station "Horw". Another possibility is to take the bus nr. 20 from "Lucerne" to "Horw" as well. Signals will guide you to the number pick-up station, the changing rooms and the start.

Please note that you will not be alone taking one of these options at this weekend. Therefore we kindly recommand to allow sufficient time to get there and to get your race number prior to sunday.

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms at Horw are located in the "Horwerhalle" (Allmendstrasse 16A, 6048 Horw). Get ready for your race and have your bag transported to the changing rooms next to the finish area. See bag transport information below. Clothes and bags cannot be deposited in Horw.

The changing rooms at the finish area are located  in the Sportcenter Würzenbach for women. For men it is located at the School Würzenbach - only 100m away from the Sportcenter Würzenbach.

Bag transport

One bag per 10k participant can be dropped at a special desk at the changing rooms in Horw. Please use the voucher attached to your start number to mark your bag independantly. The bags will be transported to the changing rooms near the finish area in Lucerne. The changing rooms are located either for women at the Sportcenter Würzenbach or for men at the School Würzenbach. To get back your bag at the Sportcenter (women) or School (men) you have to show your start number.

bag drop: 11:00 – 12:30, changing rooms Horw
bag return: From 14:00 Uhr, changing rooms Würzenbach