Countdown bis zum Marathon

Starting times


Please choose the starting block with the expected halfmarathon running time of the first runner. The first runner of the team has to position himself/herself in the indicated block at race day deliberately. The second runner will only start after the first runner handed over the team number in the transition zone. The transition zone will be built right after the official start of the race.


block Nr starting time expected running time Marathon expected running time half marathon
1 09:00h <03:00h <01:30h
2 09:02h <03:15h <01:35h
3 09:06h <03:40h <01:40h
4 09:10h <03:50h <01:50h
5 09:14h <04:00h <01:55h
6 09:18h <04:15h <02:00h
7 09:22h <04:30h <02:00h
8 09:26h <05:00h <02:10h
9 09:30h >05:00h >02:10h