Countdown bis zum Marathon


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3 Reasons why you should run the DUOMarathon with a Partner

1. Shared emotions are doubled emotions

The DuoMarathon in autumn shows that not only spring can arouse feelings. Experience indescribable emotions in twos!
This year you have the possibility to run the whole marathon distance as relay with your running partner. Each person completes the half-marathon course. The finish line in the Swiss Museum of Transport will be crossed together so that you can enjoy and share this emotional moment together.

2.  No half things

You run the 21.0975 KM individually, but together you cover the marathon distance and you can be proud of that! You benefit from all the services and goodies at the event like the marathon and half marathon runner. In addition, the second runner can stay in the heat before the start and follow the race in the livestream or via the Datasport app.

3. joint preparation

Training alone before the event is only half the fun. But if you can prepare for the race with a colleague, you can motivate each other and the training is much easier. We have put together some suitable preparation trainings and runs for you here.

DuoMarathon Informations

At the DuoMarathon, the runners complete the entire marathon course in the form of a relay. The marathon distance will be split up to two persons, both runners complete a halfmarathon. The handover of the team number takes place in the transition zone at halfmarathon distance - after rounding the turning point.

Time measurement is carried out by means of time measuring chips. In addition to the two personal starting numbers, all duos will receive a race number band with a team number. This must be handed over to the second runner (runner B) in the transition zone and must be worn visible. The time is not stopped at the transition zone! The ranking is based on the total net time of both runners. A half marathon time of each runner can be determined by the intermediate times. Only the total time of the duo is included in the DuoMarathon category. The transition zone is set up only after the official start and is located at half-marathon distance after the turning point. The turning point is located between the start and finish and is indicated by signs on the running track. The start (runner A) takes place with the marathon and half-marathon runners in the respective blocks (see starting times).

In order for both runners to receive a medal, runners A and B must finish together. For this purpose, there is a waiting area in the Hotel Europe where runner A can stay and get to the course again until runner B will arrive.


  • Two runners are building a team
  • The start takes place with the official marathon and halfmarathon start
  • Every person is running a halfmarathon
  • Timekeeping with a chip on a spare team number
  • Handover of the team number in the transition zone after going around the turning point
  • the official waiting area is in the hotel europe. In front of it you can join your partner for finishing the last kilometer
  • Ranking is based on total net time of the team
  • Participation limit: 500 Teams
  • Ages: 16 years and older (2003 and older)
  • Entry fee: CHF 140.- per team
  • finisher shirt and medal are included