Countdown bis zum Marathon

Important informations

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Each duo consists of 2 runners who complete the marathon in the form of a relay. Both run a half-marathon distance. The duo is divided into runner A (= starting runner) and B (= finish runner). Runner A starts at the official start in one of the starting blocks between 9am and 9.30am. The choice of the starting block corresponds to the half-marathon time of the starting runner.

Time measurement:
Time measurement is carried out by means of a time chip included in the team number. The team number must be transferred to runner B in the transition zone. Please use the start number tape for the transfer of the relay number. The total net time of both runners is measured for the ranking.

Starting numbers:
The two personal starting numbers will be handed over at the starting number distribution. The duo cannot pick up the numbers separately. The team number, which contains the time chip, is also given with the starting numbers.

Get your bib:
Fri   25.10.19  from  4pm - 8pm      and
Sat 26.10.19   from  10am - 5pm    in the Hotel Schweizerhof    or
Sun 27.10.19  from  6.30am - 8.30am  in the Swiss Museum of Transport (2. floor)

Starting times:
Please select the starting block according to the expected half-marathon time of the starting runner. The first runner of the team will find himself in the marked block on race day. The second runner starts after the handover of the team number in the transition zone.

Transition zone:
The transition zone is located exactly at half-marathon distance after circling the turning point. Runner A has to circle the marked turnaround, run in the direction of the city centre and turn into the transition zone. The transition zone is marked with a red archway. In the transition zone, the team number is transferred to runner B. Volunteers are on site at the transition zone.

Turning point:
The turning point is located in the Haldenstrasse (between start and finish) and is indicated by signs. It will be closed at noon. If runner A has not passed the turning point by this time, he/she must run to the finish and runner B cannot start the second round.

Waiting area in the Hotel Europe
The waiting area for the DuoMarathon runners is NEW in the Bellerive hall of the Grand Hotel Europe. The covered and warm waiting area is thus only 100m away from the transition zone. Runner B can stay there until he/she goes to the transition area for the handover.
After the handover, runner A can also be there and wait for runner B to cross the finish line together. With the Datasport Event App the runner A can inform himself about the split times of runner B. From the Hotel Europe the last kilometre can then be tackled together. Volunteers are on site at the waiting area.

For all DuoMarathon runners the medal is included. The medal is handed over immediately after the finish line. Only those who cross the finish line will receive the medal.

Finisher's present DuoMarathon:
With the voucher attached to the starting number, the finisher's present can be picked up at the finish area in the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Datasport Event App:
With the exact name of the runner or his starting number, you can follow live on the Datasport app which time measurement points the partner has already passed, including the respective times. The last time measurement before the handover is located at Schwanenplatz in Lucerne. From there it is about 10 minutes to the transition zone.

Changing rooms:
The women's changing rooms are located in the Sportcentre Würzenbach. The men's changing rooms are in the School Würzenbach. Both infrastructures are only 100m away from each other.

Valuables custody service:
The valuables custody service is located at the changing room School Würzenbach (men) and in the Sportcenter Würzenbach (women).

bags & clothes:
The clothes and bags can be deposited in the changing rooms. There is no guarded clothing or bag depot. Clothes and bags must not be deposited in the Swiss Museum of Transport. At the changing rooms there are guarded valuables custody services for smartphones, wallet, keys, etc.

Information, Lost & Found:
During the event: information desks (main station Lucerne, Swiss Museum of Transport and Horw)
After the event: Head office of the SwissCityMarathon, Würzenbachstrasse 13, CH - 6006 Lucerne

First aid stations:
Finish: at the Swiss Museum of Transport
Course: DuoMarathon transition zone; Haldenstrasse (Hotel Palace); Werftstrasse; Schönbühl; Stutz; Kastanienbaum; Seestrasse; Horw; Allmend (after Swisspor arena); Fruttstrasse; Bahnhofstrasse
Changing rooms: Würzenbach

At all catering and first-aid stations; start; finish; changing rooms

Only before the start: in front of the IMAX Film Theatre at the Swiss Museum of Transport
Course: k4, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 21, 22, 25, 29, 31, 34, 36, 38, 41 (see nutrition concept on our Website)
Finish: k42.2

Victory ceremony DuoMarathon:
DuoMarathon: 1.15 pm, award ceremony on the stage in the finish area (for overall winning teams)

Closing times of the race course:
Closing of the turning point: 12am
Closing of the finish: 3pm

Model sequence for a DuoMarathon team

  • Get your bibs (two starting numbers and one team number)
  • Runner A (=starting runner): Official start between 9am and 9.30am
  • Runner B: Entering the transition zone. In advance, runner B can be in the waiting area of the Hotel Europe (Bellerive hall), which is only 100m away from the transition area.
  • Runner B: Preparation for the handover in the transition zone
  • Runner A to B: Handover of the team number
  • Runner B: Starting the second round
  • For crossing the finish line together, runner A has to wait in the waiting area in the Bellerive hall of the Hotel Europe
  • Runner A: Get back to the course in front of the hotel europe, when runner B is arriving
  • Team: Finish the last kilometer together


  • Do not enter the transition zone too early (runner B)
  • Find out more about the location of your team partern via DS Live, DS Live Gold or the Datasport Event App
  • Take advantage of the possibility of crossing the finish line together - generating a special team experience and getting the medal
  • During the run of runner B, runner A should get a warm shower and/or warm cloting