Countdown bis zum Marathon

General informations

Date: Sunday 27 October 2019
Where: Lucerne (Seebrücke) or Horw (Zentrum)
Who: Boys and Girls from 4 to 6 years old
What: Maratholino: Run the last 195m of the Marathon (without parents)!

Free for all participants! Offered by the Presenting Partner Coop.

Click here to register for Maratholino 2019.

Thanks to the generous support of our Presenting Partner Coop, the future cracks can take part in the Maratholino for free! Run the last 195m of the marathon distance into the finish. Everyone is a winner. There is no time measurement and no ranking list. The names of the registered Maratholinos will be published in alphabetical order. Every Maratholino gets a present at the finish.

Start/Finish Lucerne

The start is located on the "Seebrücke" Lucerne (on the "Schwanenplatz" side).

The finish is located in the arena same area as the start. The Maratholinos are gathered directly after the finish line.

Start/Finish Horw

The race start at the Ringstrasse. It is marked with the official start archway.

The finish is located in the Kantonsstrasse (Horw centre) in front of the festival restaurant.


In order to get your child respectively children safely to the start and to be able to receive them directly at the finish line, it is advantageous not to come alone. One person at the start and one at the finish helps to prevent unnecessary stress.