all regulations

(The detailed terms and conditions and the attachments published here are legally binding)

  1. The participant fully agrees to the complete terms and conditions and attachments.
  2. The runners are responsible for appearing at the start in good training condition and physically healthy. The medical informations and code of conduct must be strictly followed.
  3. The event will be held according to the competition rules.
  4. Start positions are personal and non-transferable. The starting number may not be given or sold to another person.
  5. The starting number must be worn on the outermost piece of clothing and may not be folded or wrinkled.
  6. The specified start times for the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne must be adhered to. It is allowed to start in a later slot, but not in an earlier one.
  7. Private accompaniment of runners is not allowed. There is a general driving ban. Carrying dogs, strollers, etc. is not permitted! Participation with a wheelchair is not possible for safety reasons (with the exception of the "Roll & Run" at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne).
  8. The instructions of the event staff must be strictly followed.
  9. Event doctors and medical personnel may remove runners from the race at any time if health problems are identified.
  10. The use of headphones is strongly discouraged. Announcements and signals must be able to be heard.
  11. Waste must be thrown into the provided containers and not at the edge of the course or in other people's gardens
  12. The available toilets must be used. Wild urination is indecent and prohibited!
  13. If you withdraw after the communicated deadline or do not start according to the announcement, you will not be entitled to a refund of the start fee.
  14. The use of personal data is regulated in the current privacy policy.
  15. The photos and video recordings made in connection with our running event may be used without any claims for compensation.
  16. The organizer and its partners reject any liability for risks of any kind against participants, spectators, and third parties

Last update: February 1, 2023