Countdown bis zum Marathon

Our economic commitment

A sense of responsibility, economic commitment and sustainability are topics that are becoming increasingly important at sporting events such as the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne. For this reason, economic commitment plays a key role in an increasingly globalized and rationalized society. In the following, the focal points and measures are described.

Focus & measures

  • Every year, a running festival  for more than 10,000 athletes and 50,000 spectators is organised.
  • The SwissCityMarathon generates added value in the city and region of Lucerne, such as the hotel industry, gastronomy or retail trade.
  • Local suppliers and companies are taken into account
  • Social institutions and charity projects (e. g. Foundation Child & Family; Foundation SOS children's village; Foundation Make a Wish; "LZ Weihnachtsaktion"; etc.) are supported financially.
  • Health and medical expenses are saved thanks to the promotion of the health-oriented movement behaviour of numerous persons, families, groups and companies.
  • The regional association system is supported with more than CHF 40,000 for the indispensable support and voluntary work.
  • The SwissCityMarathon assumes an essential role as a mediator between authorities, partners and sponsors, who in turn can use the (new) contacts for future projects and collaborations.
  • The running community is maintained all year round. The organisation of other events such as the "Lozärner Cross" for example, provides support for other economically relevant elements.