In the DuoMarathon, the runners run the entire marathon course in a relay of two.

The change takes place after running around the turning point at half marathon distance. You run a marathon together with your running partner. You celebrate the finish twice and together! A unique experience!

Lucerne, 31 october 2021

SwissCity Marathon – Lucerne

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3 Reasons why you should run the DUOMarathon!

  • 1. Shared emotions are twice the emotions

    The DuoMarathon in autumn shows that not only spring can arouse feelings. Experience indescribable emotions together!

    This year you have the possibility to run the whole marathon distance as relay with your running partner. Each person completes the half-marathon course. The finish line in the Swiss Museum of Transport will be crossed together so that you can enjoy and share this emotional moment together.

  • 2. The whole nine yards / twice the fun

    You run the 21K individually, but together you cover the marathon distance and you can be proud of that! You benefit from all the services and goodies at the event like the marathon and half marathon runners. In addition, the second runner can stay at a warm place before he starts and follow the race in the livestream.

  • 3. Joint preparation

    Training alone before the event is only half the fun. But if you can prepare for the race with a colleague, you can motivate each other and the training is much easier.

Goodies for DuoMarathon participants


All DuoMarathon-Finishers will receive a Finisher-Shirt which is included in the registration fee.

The Finisher-Shirt pick up is in the the finish arena in the Swiss Museeum of Transport.


DuoMarathon participants can buy a Finisher-Medal when they register + CHF 5.–.

The Finisher-Medal will be handed over directly after the finish line.

Digital Starterbag

The digital starterbag offers you informations, exciting promotions and great competitions in the form of so-called "coupons" (vouchers).

You will receive your personal access to the digital starterbag by mail.

Digital starterbag

Free Travel

Thanks to the SwissRunners-Ticket, you can travel free of charge to the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne by public transport from all over Switzerland.

The code for your SwissRunners-Ticket will be sent to you by e-mail at least 10 days before the event.

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All information about the DuoMarathon

  • Categories DuoMarathon

    A start at the DuoMarathon is possible from the age of 16.

    Age Years 2021 Categorie
    16 and older 2005 and older 105: DuoMarathon


  • Starting times DuoMarathon

    The start (runner A) will take place with the marathon and half marathon runners at 9 am on Haldenstrasse, Lucerne.

    Please choose the starting block with the expected halfmarathon running time of the first runner. The first runner of the team has to position himself/herself in the indicated block at race day deliberately. The second runner will only start after the first runner handed over the team number in the transition zone. The transition zone will be built right after the official start of the race.

    Starting blocks half marathon

    Nr. Starting time Expected running time half marathon
    1 9.00 am < 01:30h
    2 9.02 am < 01:35h
    3 9.06 am < 01:40h
    4 9.10 am < 01:50h
    5 9.14 am <01:55h
    6 9.18 am <02:00h
    7 9.22 am <02:00h
    8 9.26 am <02:10h
    9 9.30 am >02:10h
  • Registration fee DuoMarathon

    Benefit from a cheaper registration fee if you register in time.

    Until 30.09.2021*

    from 01.10.2021
    CHF 143.00 CHF 163.00

    *registration fee for both runners together



  • This is included in the registration fee
    • Free public transport within Switzerland (Swiss Runners Ticket)!
    • Free shuttle boat to the start and finish area for runners and spectators
    • Start permission, personalised race number & acces to the digital starterbag
    • Time measurement, time datachip, ranking list online
    • Nutrition stations along the course
    • First aid
    • Warm showers
    • Wardrobe and valuables depot
    • Waiting room for runner B at Hotel Europe
    • Pacemaker
    • Finisher gift of high quality
    • Memorial medal
    • Free sms-service, free personal certificate download
    • One portion of pasta or classic swiss "rösti" at the expo in the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
    • Free admission at the "Swiss Museum of Transport" on marathon day

    *(Subject to change)

    The association "SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne" voluntarily opted for the VAT. The association is registered with the number CHE-112.487.804 VAT. The entry fees include the VAT of 2.5%.


  • Starting documents and race number

    You will receive your race number at the race number distribution (expo) upon presentation of the registration/payment confirmation or the start card, which you will receive by e-mail in mid-October. The race number distribution and Marathon Expo at the Hotel Schweizerhof will only take place on Friday and Saturday. Please allow enough time for picking up your race number. A collection on Friday or Saturday is strongly recommended. On Sunday race number can be picked up before the race in the Swiss Museeum of Transport.

    Important : The registration confirmation or start card can be shown on the smartphone or tablet in a digital way. A printout of the start card is not necessary. Together we can avoid over 20,000 printouts and make a further, ecologically valuable contribution.

    The start numbers are not sent by post you need to pick them up personally.

  • Opening hours of race number distribution

    Friday, 29.10.2021: 4.00 – 8.00 pm   @ Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
    Saturday, 30.10.2021: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm   @ Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
    Sunday, 31.10.2021: 6.30 – 8.30 am   @ Finish area Swiss Museeum of Transport (only marathon and half marathon, DuoMarathon)

  • Start and Finish

    The start for the DuoMarathon (as well as the marathon and half-marathon) is located in Haldenstrasse a few metres from the Swiss Museum of Transport (Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Lucerne). The start is at 9.00 am. For the exact starting times, see starting times above.
    You can celebrate your finish together. Runner A can wait exclusively in the Hotel Europe in the hall Bellerive until runner B has completed his round. Afterwards you can finish the last km together. The finish line will then be crossed together. In order for both runners to receive a medal, runners A and B MUST cross the finish line together.

    The finish is in the Swiss Museum of Transport (Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Lucerne).

  • Transition zone

    The transition zone will only be built up after the official start and is located at half marathon distance after circling the turning point. Runner A has to circle the marked turnaround, run in the direction of the city centre and turn into the transition zone. The transition zone is marked with a red archway. In the transition zone, the team number is transferred to runner B. 

    The turning point is located between start and finish and is signalled by boards on the running track.

  • Time measurement

    The chip for the time measurement is integrated in your bib. The time chip don't have to be returned at the end of the race. The race number must be worn visibly and unfolded on the front. In addition to the two personal starting numbers, all duos receive a starting number band with a team number. This must be handed over to the second runner (runner B) in the transition zone and must be worn below the personal start number. The personal start numbers must be worn unfolded, clearly visible to the front, on the chest. The time will not be stopped at the handing over! The ranking will take place according to the total net time of both runners. A half marathon time of each runner can be determined by means of the intermediate times. Only the total time of the duo is included in the classification in the category DuoMarathon.

  • Finish closing time

    It's at 3.00 pm, analogous to the marathon.

    Runners who reach the finish after this time will not be classified. Runners who pass the turning point after 12.00 pm have to run to the finish and will be listed in the ranking with the half marathon time reached. Runners who do not cross the finish line within the time limit will not be classified. The end of the official competition is determined by the follow-up vehicle, which is passing the kilometers on time, so that it arrives at the finish within the set time limit. Overtaken runners have to end the race and are no longer part of the official competition.

  • Victory ceremonies

    DuoMarathon: 1.15 pm (Finish area Swiss Museeum of Transport)

    The ceremony is only for the male and female overall winners.
    All other prizes will be sent by post after the event.

    Category winners will receive a free starting place for the next year, 2nd placed a 50% voucher and 3rd placed a 30% voucher.

    The victory ceremonies will take place in the finish area, please note the announcements of the speakers.

  • Security Instructions

    Instructions given by the race course personnel must be followed. Private escort of runners by all type of vehicles, especially by bicycles or inline skates, is not allowed. Also to run with a dog, a pram, etc. is not permitted. A general ban on driving applies to the whole race course except for the official vehicles of the organisers. Any short cut from the race path and other illegal aids are forbidden. Participation in a wheelchair is not possible because of security reasons. The technical directors of the organising committee will make final decisions for disqualifications.


From the start, the course leads along the traditional luxury hotels of the city and the Hofkirche to the centre of Lucerne. With a view of the Kapellbrücke (chapell bridge) and the Wasserturm (water tower), you cross the main bridge of Lucerne. On the opposite side of the lake, the course passes the famous Culture and Congress Centre Lucerne (KKL). The tour continues with a view of the impressive mountain panorama of Central Switzerland along the beautiful Lake Lucerne around the Horwer Peninsula. The next highlights will follow immediately with the runs through the athmospheric zone in Horw, the modern football stadium of the FC Luzern and then the KKL Lucerne. In the last section, the picturesque old town of Lucerne is crossed before heading for the finish at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Course map Flight over the course ALTITUDE PROFILE