Run for UNICEF

UNICEF is partner of the SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne. There are a number of different ways in which runners can get involved in support of the United Nations children’s charity.

Spectators are also welcome to support the UNICEF’s aid programme!

Lucerne, october 31st 2021

10K for UNICEF

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The donations from the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne 2020 will go to "Kangaroo Mother Care", a UNICEF project for better chances of survival for premature and newborn babies in Nepal.

In Nepal, 10,400 babies die every year after being underweight at birth. Early, continuous skin-to-skin contact can massively improve their chances of survival. Thus, UNICEF supports implementing the approach known as “Kangaroo Mother Care” in underprivileged regions.

Find out more about the "Kangaroo Mother Care" Project here.

2019: 40,000 francs to UNICEF Switzerland

The SwissCityMarathon again collected donations for UNICEF Switzerland. As in the previous year, all runners were invited to run another symbolic mile free of charge at the end of their run. As Charity Supporting Partner of the SwissCityMarathon, MSD Switzerland donated a contribution to UNICEF for every runner who completed the extra mile. The UNICEF Extra Mile donation amounts was CHF 20,000. The SwissCityMarathon handed over a second donation of CHF 20,000 to UNICEF Switzerland. This amount is made up of donations for the online registration, the charity starting places and the 10K for UNICEF.

Impressions from the UNICEF Extra Mile
©Luciano Miglionico

10K for UNICEF - own starting block!

At the center of the fundraiser is the 10K for UNICEF run. Runners can register in a separate starting block - the "10K for UNICEF". There is no ranking in this block, the times are listed alphabetically.

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10K for UNICEF

SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne 10 KM for UNICEF
SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne 10 KM for UNICEF

«UNICEF Extra Mile»

Another highlight will be the "UNICEF Extra Mile", made possible by the research-based biopharmaceutical company MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG, headquartered in Lucerne. As of 2019, MSD will support UNICEF, the Charity Partner at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne as the Charity Supporting  Partner.

All runners who complete their 10, 21 and 42-kilometre distances will be invited to run an Extra Mile for good cause. At least 2'000 runners must run the Extra Mile to achieve CHF 20'000, the amount of donation formulated by MSD.

Further donation possibilities

  • Donation at the online registration

    Donations to the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne are very easy to make when you register online. Participants have the opportunity to donate CHF 2, CHF 5, CHF 10, CHF 20, CHF 50, CHF 100 to UNICEF Switzerland during the registration process.

  • Classic - Donations to donation account

    Everyone can also make a classic donation: By paying any amount of money into our donation account.

    Bank: Valiant Bank Luzern
    Account owner: Verein SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, 6006 Luzern
    IBAN: CH37 0630 0016 9636 7140 8
    BC-Nummer: 6300
    SWIFT-Adresse: VABECH22XXX
    Remark: Spende


The SwissCityMarathon thanks everyone for their valuable commitment and donation.

Former supported projects
2018: UNICEF "Hunger crisis in Southern Sudan"
2017: "LZ Weihnachtsaktion" foundation
2016: "Make A Wish" foundation Switzerland
2015: "SOS children's village" foundation Switzerland
2014: "Kind und Familie (KiFa)" foundation Switzerland