Never walk alone

Since 2016, people with and without disabilities have enthusiastically participated together in the SwissCityMarathon in Lucerne under the motto "never walk alone". The integrative running project has established itself and enjoys great popularity.

The starting fees of the runners and their guides have been covered by Suva since the beginning. Since 2020, Coop has also been an integration partner of "never walk alone" and, together with Suva, actively supports the project of PluSport, the umbrella organization of sports for the disabled in Switzerland.

When on Sunday, October 31, more than 10,000 runners will again populate the city of Lucerne and start at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, athletes with mental and physical impairments will also be at the start. Year after year, PluSport, with the support of its partners, integrates over 30 athletes with impairments into the Lucerne running event. The PluSport athletes are accompanied in part and as needed by so-called guides. "Our goal is to enable all interested runners to participate in the SCML. For the ambitious athletes we create together with the OC the best possible conditions for a top performance. As with all other participants, the sporting performance, the shared experience and wonderful emotions are the focus," says René Pfister, of PluSport Switzerland. Coop and Suva will pay the entry fee for all participants with disabilities and their accompanying persons. 


PluSport, Coop and Suva are looking forward to many individual and group registrations and a successful event!

Contact and registration: Mrs. Katharina Braun by mail or +41 (0)44 908 45 08.

PluSport - "never walk alone"

Supported by Coop and Suva