Virtual Challenge 2020: We did it – together!

We have made it – thanks to YOU! 10'292 finishers crossed the finish line at the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne last year. In 2020 we wanted to run this number in KILOMETER! What was considered at first impossible or at least improbable, should be proved as wrong. Thanks to your efforts we were able to achieve our goal: All in all we ran over 10'725 km and thus mastered the Challenge 2020. We are just happy and grateful for your support.


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Virtual-Challenge 2020 Counter erreicht
Wir haben die SwissCityMarathon – Lucerne Virtual-Challenge 2020 geschafft! DANKE!

Our motivation & conclusion to the Virtual Challenge

Although the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne could not take place this year, we wanted to offer all sports enthusiasts the opportunity to become a part of the SwissCityMarathon 2020 by completing a classic running distance. Thanks to the Virtual Challenge, we were able to provide the sports community with a challenging task, bring the runners together despite the physical distance and above all, create a sense of community!

The success of this challenge is not only demonstrated by the more than 10'725 kilometers we run together, but also by the participation of runners from 26 nations around the world. 372 runners in the 10k, 234 half- and 49 marathon finishers entered the results list and contributed significantly to this success. A great achievement, considering that everyone ran at home and had to motivate themselves.

Our motivation was therefore always to get the population as well as all athletes to run resp. move themselves despite the current situation. Of course the experience was completely different compared to our normal event. Nevertheless, due to the numerous feedbacks, interactions & pictures we are sure that we have reached our basic goal and that the Virtual Challenge 2020 was an exciting and special experience that will be remembered by the participants for a long time.

Finally, we would like to thank all runners and the entire community for their commitment to running ond for supporting us as a running event organizer during this time! Thanks to your performances and comments, we are strengthened in our efforts to offer you another unforgettable experience next year! See you there, stay healthy and continue to run!

Your SwissCityMarathon Team