Thanks to the generous support of our Presenting Partner Coop, the future cracks can take part in the Maratholino for free! Run the most beautiful 195m of the marathon distance. Everyone is a winner.

There is no time measurement and no ranking list. The names of the registered Maratholinos will be published in alphabetical order. Every Maratholino gets a present and a medal at the finish.

Luzern, October 31th 2021

Maratholino 2021

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The Maratholino offers a starting possibility for all children from 4 – 6 years.
The Marathlino takes place both in the Museum of Transport in Lucerne and in the centre of Horw.

More information

  • Race number distribution

    Friday, 29.10.2021: 4.00 – 8.00 pm   @Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne
    Saturday, 30.10.2021: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm   @Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne

    Sunday, 31.10.2021: 6.30 – 09.00 am   @Swiss Museeum of Transport (only for Maratholino Luzern)

    Sunday, 31.10.2021: 9.30 – 11.30 am   @Horw (Horwerhalle, only for Maratholino Horw)

  • Starting times Lucerne

    Swiss Museum of Transport
    9.30 am M6 Meitschi 2014
    9.35 am B6 Buebe 2014
    9.40 am M5 Meitschi 2015
    9.45 am B5 Buebe 2015        
    9.50 am M4 Meitschi 2016 
    9.55 am B4 Buebe 2016

  • Starting times Horw

    Horw Zentrum
    12.00 pm M6 Meitschi 2014
    12.05 pm B6 Buebe 2014
    12.10 pm M5 Meitschi 2015
    12.15 pm B5 Buebe 2015
    12.20 pm M4 Meitschi 2016
    12.25 pm B4 Buebe 2016

  • Start/Finish Lucerne

    The start is in front of the Swiss Museum of Transport on the Lidostrasse. The starting point is marked.

    The finish is located in the Museum of Transport analogous to the finish for the marathon/half marathon/10KM. The children will be collected directly after the finish.

  • Start/finish Horw

    The start is located in the Ringstrasse. The starting gate arc marks the exact starting point.

    The finish is in the Kantonsstrasse (Horw Zentrum) in front of the Festwirtschaft.

  • Recommendation for parents

    In order to bring your child(s) safely to the start and receive them directly at the finish, it is advantageous to come in pairs. One person at the start and one at the finish help to prevent unnecessary stress.