Stay positive with your goal in autumn

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The current situation forces us all to do a lot of things we don't like to do. But we can still run! How can the SwissCityMarathon support you in this and why does it make sense to register now?

We have asked ourselves these questions and found answers for you.

Movement is ALWAYS important for our health - especially for our personal well-being. Of course this is not only true in these times. An active lifestyle therefore not only prevents injuries, boredom, resentment, etc. On the contrary, it improves your performance, satisfaction, joy and much more. But as a runner you already know this.

So remember: If you need some variety for your body and your brain or you just want to get away from it all, go out and run (currently on your own) through the blooming landscape!

Why register now?
You're probably asking yourself: Why on earth should I register for the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne today? We have put together some reasons for you:

  • TARGET: With the current registration your long distance goal becomes tangible. It is no longer just an idea or a dream, but your concrete goal, which you are now training towards to.
  • MOTIVATION: Once you have registered for your desired distance, the motivation for the training is much easier. Because from now on you train to master your distance in autumn and reach the finish line as "Finisher SwissCityMarathon 2020".
  • HEALTH: Your regular training will ensure that you get enough exercise, you are out in the fresh air and you stay healthy.
  • FAMILY: You can tell your family and friends about your plans and thus ensure positive conversation during this time. They will support and motivate you in addition to the training.
  • SUPPORT: Once you have registered, your friends and family will also save the date of October 25, 2020 to loudly support you along the track during your run.
  • OPTIMISM: In the current situation, you are sending a positive signal for yourself and your fellow human beings, which radiates confidence and optimism.
  • FRIENDS: As a role model you can motivate your friends to run and as soon as it is allowed again, you can train together.
  • SAFETY: You can already save one of the limited starting places (e.g. in the half marathon) and can start the training with confidence, because you will definitely be there.
  • CANCELLATION POSSIBILITY: If you should injure yourself or be unable to participate for any other reason, you can simply cancel your registration by September 27 2020 and receive a voucher code for the 2021 event worth the cash you paid for minus the fee of CHF 10.00. You will therefore lose (almost) nothing, but have simply postponed your goal by one year.
  • RESCHEDULING: If you register for the marathon (42.195km) before August 31 2020, we guarantee that you will be able to switch to the half marathon by 24 October.
  • TOGETHER: You continue training and we continue organizing. If we stick together, we can do it. Together.


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