Countdown bis zum Marathon

Our social commitment

A sense of responsibility, social commitment and sustainability are topics that are becoming increasingly important at sporting events such as the SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne. For this reason, social commitment plays an important role in an increasingly economic and rationalized society. The main focuses and measures of our efforts in the area of society are outlined below.

Focus & measures

  • The SwissCityMarathon is a popular sport event with regional, national and international exposure for Lucerne and the surrounding area.
  • Every year, a running festival is organised with more than 10,000 athletes supported by around 50,000 spectators.
  • The tourist brand "Lucerne" is being expanded and strengthened.
  • Social institutions (such as IG Arbeit) and charity projects (a.o. Foundation Child & Family; Foundation SOS children's village; Foundation Make a Wish; "LZ Weihnachtsaktion"; etc.) are supported in various ways.
  • Thanks to the cooperation with the Max Havelaar Foundation, products bearing the Fairtrade label are used, which are manufactured according to strict social and ecological criteria and are traded fairly.
  • Through integrative measures, different groups (including holders of cultural certificates, people with disabilities, asylum seekers, etc.) are integrated into social events.
  • The event offers motivational incentives and goals to promote the health-promoting physical activity of numerous people, families, groups, companies, etc.
  • The regional association system (e.g. sport clubs) is supported by calling for cooperation and commitment - promoting and generating shared experiences in return.
  • The SwissCityMarathon assumes an essential role as a mediator between authorities, partners and sponsors.
  • Thanks to the SwissCityMarathon, people are brought together who want to achieve a common goal. This creates connections between runners, volunteers, spectators, etc., which are desirable and relevant from a social point of view.
  • An attempt is made to maintain and support the running community all year round, like in social media or by organizing other events such as the "Lozärner Cross".